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Nutrient status of composted and vermicomposted kitchen wastes

Kenasa Degefa, Misganu Tullu and Nigatu Samuel

Department of Natural Resource Management, Dambi Dollo University, Dambi Dollo, Ethiopia.

*Corresponding Author’s: E-mail:[email protected]

Accepted 9th February, 2022


Composting and vermicomposting are processes of production of ordinary compost and vermicompost through biodegradation of organic wastes by microorganisms and earth worm respectively. Both play a significance role within a given ecosystem. The objective of this study was to evaluate the nutrient status of composting and vermicomposting kitchen wastes. The study was conducted and samples data were collected in Jimma University, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine. The composted and vermicomposted kitchen wastes were prepared following laboratory procedures and analyzed at Jimma University Soil Laboratory. The analysis results were pH (7.4%), Organic Carbon (3.71%), Available Phosphorus (12.35ppm), Total Nitrogen (0.60%)and Carbon Nitrogen Ratio (20.58) in compost while pH (7.23%), Organic Carbon(8.5%), Available Phosphorus(20.15ppm), Total Nitrogen (1.70%) and Carbon Nitrogen Ratio (11.56) were obtained in vermicompost kitchen waste. Vermicomposting had higher Organic Carbon, Available Phosphorus and Total Nitrogen while higher pH and C: Nratios were found in composting. Therefore the study recommends that awareness of local communities should be made so as to use vermicomposting for agricultural production. The study also recommends that attention should be given to transfer the technology of vermicomposting and use of kitchen waste as organic fertilizer rather than polluting the environment.

Key Words: Composting, Eisenia Fetida, Kitchen Waste, Nutrient content, Organic waste, Organic fertilizer, red wigglers, Vermicomposting

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