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Advanced Scholars Journals (ASJ) is a publisher of open access journals in a number of academic disciplines within the social sciences, biological sciences, medical sciences,  agricultural sciences and education. The journals are published under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits anyone to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the work provided the original work and source is appropriately cited.

ASJ adheres strictly to The Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI), The Berlin declaration on Open Access to Scientific Knowledge, the Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing, the COPE guidelines on publication ethics and takes digital preservation as a prerequisite.

The establishment of Advanced Scholars Journals as a publisher is an answer to the wishes and desires of many researchers and scientists in the developing world especially in Africa and Asia who lack free access to quality research materials online. ASJ intends to bring viable and sustainable solution to this problem, and to encourage research development.

ASJ is intended to be an organization of remarkable people: Eminent scientists and exceptional researchers; seasoned editors and reviewers, and all the other pieces of the puzzle that make up a leading open access publisher. Certainly, at the core of our wide range of publishing activities is the commitment to attract and engage the best minds in the pursuit of greater human understanding and the pioneering of new discoveries that addresses real-world problems.

But while we're confident about the establishment of ASJ, our story is just beginning, and new chapters will be added all the time.  If you're considering sending your manuscript(s) to ASJ, we hope you'll one day count your own pages among them. ASJ anticipates that it will be a vibrant publishing organization that will continue to exploit the advantages of modern technologies with a view to encouraging the publication of the best form of scholarship in different disciplines.

Welcome to ASJ, a place to pursue knowledge beyond traditional boundaries. You'll encounter that attitude all around our works.




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