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Effect of Zn Fertilizer on soil status after Rice cultivation

1M Z I Mollah*, 1S Sultana, 2M A Rahman , 2Z Fardous, 2M N Islam, 3T R Choudhury, 4M Zakir Hossen

1Nuclear and Radiation Chemistry Division, Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, BAEC.

2Agrochemical and Environmental Research Division, Institute of Food and Radiation Biology, BAEC.

3Chemistry Division, Atomic Energy Center, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC).

4Department of Agricultural Chemistry,Bangladesh Agriculture University, Mymensingh.


Accepted 14 August, 2014


The availability of zinc micronutrient has importance in plant for growth and yielding, soil for fertility and enzymatic metabolic activities to improve the crop production. The experiment was conducted on “Non-calcareous Dark Grey Floodplain” soil to investigate the harvest soil status affected by ZnSO4 after rice (local variety: BRRI dhan 32) cultivation during Kharif season (July-November). The content of organic carbon, organic matter, Ca, Mg, B, Zn, Cu, Fe and Mn in postharvest soil significantly varied at p<0.05% level of probability by rice cultivation treated with Zn fertilizer (ZnSO4). The N, P and S status in postharvest soil were found highly significant at p<0.01%. The nutrients content (mg kg-1) of P (all treatments) and Cu (Zn-1, Zn-2, Zn-4, Zn-5, Zn-6 and Zn-8) decreased compared to control. In postharvest soil some nutrients were decreased while in other increased with some exception. The fertilizer has consequently affected the postharvest soil nutrients. Fertilizer (ZnSO4) studied revealed either less or excess Zn consistent (9.3-26.0%) than standard (18-23% Zn) which is indicated to be maintained.

Key Words: Micronutrient, soil fertility, post-harvest soil, ZnSO4, rice cultivation, AAS, fertilizer.


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