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Effect of Gypsum on the Reclamation of Saline-Sodic Soil in Arid Region of Jacobabad, Sindh-Pakistan

1Imran Arshad*, 2Asadullah Sarki, and 3Zaheer Ahmed Khan

 1Agriculture Engineer, Star Services LLC, Al Muroor Road – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE),

2Asistant Professor, Department of Land & Water Management, FAE - SAU, Tandojam, Pakistan

3Lecturer, Department of Farm Structures, FAE - SAU, Tandojam, Pakistan


Accepted 4 November, 2015


An experiment was conducted on a sandy clay loam saline-sodic soil at Zulfiqar Farms, to evaluate the effectiveness of different treatments of gypsum on reclaiming saline-sodic soil for different soil depths in arid region of Jacobabad, Sindh – Pakistan. The experiment was laid out in a complete randomized block design (RCBD) with three replicates and with plot size of 50 ft x 50 ft respectively. The following five treatments were kept in study: T1 = Control (without gypsum application), T2 = 25% gypsum requirement (G.R) of the soil, T3 = 50% gypsum requirement (G.R) of the soil, T4 = 75% gypsum requirement (G.R) of the soil, and T5 = 100% gypsum requirement (G.R) of the soil respectively. The subject study revealed that the gypsum application with different treatments brought a positive effect in reducing soil pH, ECe, SAR and ESP. Amongst different treatments, T5 – 100% gypsum requirement of the soil was observed to be more suitable dose as it reduces the overall maximum soil pH 7.23 for 0-6 inch soil depth after leaching. Likewise, the overall maximum reduction in ECe, SAR, and ESP after leaching was 4.07 dS/m, 2.65, and 12.52 for 18-24 inch soil depth for same treatment T5 respectively. Application of 100% gypsum requirement of the soil seems to be an economical and optimum dose to reclaim saline-sodic soil.

Key words: Saline-sodic soil, reclamation, pH, ECe, SAR, ESP, Gypsum, leaching, Jacobabad, Gypsum.

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