International Journal of Soil Science and Agronomy ISSN: 1725-3497 Vol. 3 (1), pp. 079-086, October, 2016.  © Advanced Scholars Journals

Full length Research paper

Use of phosphorus from various sources by genotypes of indiscriminate soybean and cowpea in a low-phosphorus savanna soil

G. D. Nuwoko

Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria (RRIN), Iyanomo, Edo State, Nigeria,


Accepted 20 September,2016


The differential capacity of genotypes of soybean (Glycine max) and cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) to flourish under low-phosphorus (P) conditions by using P from sources with low solvency was evaluated in a nursery concentrate on with a low-P savanna soil gathered from an examination field in Fashola, south-western Nigeria. The P sources included (21 mg P kg-1 soil) were calcium phosphate (Ca-P), press phosphate (Fe-P), aluminum phosphate (Al-P), and triple superphosphate (TSP). Soil without P expansion served as a control. The soybean genotypes were TGm 1039, TGm 1196, TGm 1293, TGm 1360, TGm 1420, TGm 1511, and TGm 1540. The cowpea genotypes were Dan - ila, IT89KD-349, IT89KD-391, IT90K-59, and IT82D-716. Almost all the soybean genotypes altogether expanded their shoot dry matter yield (DMY) and collection of P from the different sources when contrasted and the control; the positioning for P obtaining was control

 Key words: P sources, cowpea, genotypes, soybean, savanna soil, aluminum phosphate, superphosphate.