International Journal of Soil Science and Agronomy ISSN:1725-3497 Vol. 5 (2), pp. 179-199, June, 2018.  © Advanced Scholars Journals 

Review paper

Fertigation and irrigation management systems of vertical gardens and green roofs

Dr. A.N.Sarkar

Ex-Senior Professor (International Business) & Dean (Research), Asia-Pacific Institute of

Management, 3& 4 Institutional Areas, Jasola (Sarita Vihar), New Delhi


Accepted 28 May, 2018.


Vertical gardens, Green roofs, walls and facades are becoming more common in cities across the globe. A Vertical Garden/ Green wall is comprised of plants grown in supported vertical systems that are generally attached to an internal or external wall, although in some cases can be freestanding. Like many green roofs, Vertical gardens incorporate vegetation, growing medium, irrigation and drainage into a single system. Vertical gardens differ from green facades in that they incorporate multiple ‘containerized’ plantings to create the vegetation cover rather than being reliant on fewer numbers of plants that climb and spread to provide cover. They are also known as ‘green walls’, ‘living walls’, ‘bio-walls’. Green roofs are constructed for multiple reasons - as spaces for people to use, as architectural features, to add value to property or to achieve particular environmental benefits (for example, storm-water capture and retention, improved species diversity, insulation of a building against heat gain or loss). Vegetation on green roofs is planted in a growing substrate (a specially designed soil substitution medium) that may range in depth from 50 mm to more than a metre, depending on the weight capacity of the building’s roof and the aims of the design. For growing different types of plants- either perennially or annually there is a need to supply constant, reliable and sustainable systems of irrigation and drainage; and preferably with a fertigation scheduling along with the sprinklers or overhead irrigation system. The paper discusses the various technological options that are open, system-worthy and cost-effective for providing fertigation and irrigation to plants/herbs grown in the vertical gardens as well as green roofs.

Key words: Fertigation, Irrigation Management, Vertical Gardens, Green Roofs, insulation.